Experience the NYPL Lifestyle with NYPL Tours!

Eat, play, explore, and adventure – all while growing your business or venture to develop your perfect lifestyle design!

Whoo hoo! Adventure!

NYPL tours will give you a different kind of travel experience. Yes, we shall eat, and party, and embark on all the fun touristy activities that make for kick-ass photos, but we’ll also show you the local life, intricate culture, and hidden gems you won’t find anywhere else.

While this is all worth the trip in itself, we’re not just another group tour or backpacker excursion!

We also offer the opportunity for you to experience the NYPL lifestyle, while learning from experienced ‘Digital Nomads,’ and networking with like-minded individuals.

If you want to that is – we’re happy to send you off para-glide-rocket-mountain-climbing or whatever you want to do while the rest of the group plans to take over the world, Pinky – but we think you’ll like our world-domination workshops just as much.

Don’t worry – you can para-rock-glide-climb afterwards too.

New to traveling? Don’t stress, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Check out the tours we have available now, as well as how you can get incredible discounts by sharing the good news or bringing some friends along.



Forget everything you think you know about typical group tours, at NYPL we’re embarking on intimate (oo la la), small group adventures led by our NYPL team. We focus on experiencing the local life, while using local transportation (trust me, it’s more fun) and staying in clean and comfortable budget accommodation.

We’ll eat at local restaurants and street-food stalls (Pork on a stick is life.), and have some incredible experiences that aren’t in the guide books (Monk chat anyone?)

Best of all?

We’ll grow and learn together working on each member’s individual NYPL lifestyle plans!

We’ll give you the best of both worlds – experiencing a real ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle immersed in the local culture, and a mind-blowing travel adventure — all while helping you to solve your own business or entrepreneurial venture challenges. Learn and grow your NYPL lifestyle, while having the time of your life!

Tour Prices: We’ve planned these tours to keep costs low. We charge you less, and give you more!

NYPL tour prices include:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation within our destination country
  • Some meals
  • Scheduled group activities
  • Plenty of adventure
  • Guided tours and expertise
  • NYPL Lifestyle Design Workshops and Training Sessions

All tours are totally customizable to ensure you have the most mind-blowing travel experience.

Tours are available for individuals or groups.

As with most things in life — the more the merrier.
Prices go down when attendance goes up, so share with friends and family to help us give you an even lower price.

Tour Itineraries

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Reserve Your Spot on the NYPL Northern Thailand Tour

Tour deposit will be made through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, please contact us. You will be asked to enter your details after deposit has been made. If you have any issues booking your tour, please contact us.

Deals and Discounts
Sharing is caring and I’m pretty sure 2 is better than 1. It was in a song so it’s gotta be true.

We want to make sure that nobody misses out!

That’s why we’re giving a $100 discount to anyone that brings a friend along on the tour!

Share with your friends and have an adventure together!

Your buddies will love you just as much as we do. Their tour will be $50 cheaper as well.

Can you say, #winning!

Here’s what people are saying about NYPL Tours:

Niamh Kane, Wellness Consultant
NYPL was my favourite thing in Thailand! Not only was it great to be connected with so many digital nomads in Chiang Mai when I first arrived, Rachel’s commitment to helping you flourish is genuine and a breath of fresh air. She has a talent for finding the most amazing places to eat, from 30 baht street food to all you can eat fresh, yummy BBQ’s. I’m a sugar-free, grain-free vegetarian so if she can accommodate me she can make it work for your diet too. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone jumping into the exciting world of working remotely in Thailand. Why not have this lady hold your hand a little and connect you with the right people while showing you the time of your life! I’m so happy I did!
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