You’ve got the idea.
You’ve got the drive.
You’re ready to make it happen baby!

So what now?

You’ve got to get those ideas out of your head, and into reality.

Then you’ve gotta get yourself out there so people can find out how totally rad you are!

This means branding, building an online presence, implementing a marketing strategy, promoting yourself, engaging with your audience, and developing compelling material so they stick around.

We know…. Holy begeebuz that’s a lot!

Don’t panic. We’re here to help.

At NYPL, we provide content and digital media creation and management services, so YOU can get your initiative out of your head, and into the real-live world….with real-live people in it who want your stuff.
We understand that sometimes the hardest part of lifestyle design, is simply getting started. You’ve got to let people know who you are, what you stand for, and why they need you.

That’s why we offer affordable content and digital media creation and management services to help you get started building your new venture, promoting your ideas, and getting your name out there.

You are freaking awesome – share that schnizzle!

Here’s what we got for ya’

SEO Services

You may have the greatest idea known to man, but that’s not going to help you if you’re buried deep in Google’s graveyard for websites with sucky SEO.

We provide comprehensive SEO (search engine optimization) — this just means that when people are searching on Google or other search engines for keywords related to your business — we want to push you to the top of the list when they see those search results.

Lets play a game: Pretend you make sweaters for chinchillas. Yes I know chinchilla’s have fur – but some chinchillas might live in the arctic. And they need sweaters. So Nancy Pantsy lives in Alaska and loves her chinchilla and wants her weird furry child to be warm in the winter.

Nancy jumps on the interwebs and Googles “chinchilla sweaters Alaska” — because you have awesome SEO, you then show up in the big ‘ole #1 spot when Google spits back out Nancy’s search results.

Nancy clicks on your website, because it’s #1 and people have very short attention spans. Nancy buys your chinchilla sweaters.

Chinchilla competition can be tough, so we want to give you an unfair advantage and make sure new customers find you first when searching online.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Website on-page optimisation – to make sure both customers and search engines love your pages
  2. Targeted keyword marketing – by using your business’ key functions as words people search for
  3. Google maps optimisation – to increase your search engine rankings and get seen by more people
  4. Reputation management – find and combat negative reviews you may not even know are out there (seriously, chinchilla owners are very protective)
  5. Comprehensive reporting – so you know exactly how your marketing dollars are working for you

That’s basically how it works (with a little Internet magic sprinkled in as a garnish).

If this sounds fun to you — tell us a bit about your schtick by filling in the blanks below.

Or you can learn more about our SEO and online marketing services at

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Digital Product Creation

You may have a ton of great ideas and stories to holla’ from the rooftops, but if you don’t have anything to sell then those won’t do you much good.

We’ll help you take your blog, podcast, newsletter, or even your embarrassing “dear diary” stories and turn them into marketable digital products.

Think ebooks, PDF workbooks, and digital guides. We’ll even help you come up with price points and marketing strategies to get that money movin’!

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Content Creation
Sometimes you have a head full of great ideas, and no idea how to start explaining them to target audience. You’ve gotta tell people what you’re about, and you gotta make sure you’re not writing a script to a snooze fest.

Compelling content gets people to pay attention to you, and come back for more.

We offer content creation services to flesh out your website, blog, social media posts, articles, or product/service descriptions.

Want to write a book?
We’ll help you get those words on to the page.

Need fresh content for you awesome new website?
We’ll create stimulating informational, marketing, or technical articles and make it shiny.

This includes anything from researched technical topics, to SEO writing, to re-working current content.

We can also edit and manage incoming content such as that from guest-writers, comments or inquiries.

With over 10 years in content creation experience, we’ll work step-by-step with you to develop and publish snazzy, original content and material tailored to your ideas, personal style, and target audience.

We also specialise in technical and academic research and content creation for those super serious projects.

Prices start as low as $50 per article.

Getting started is cheaper and easier than you think.
Send us some info about what you’d like to do, and we’ll send you a project quote and discuss the details with you.

Or you can learn more about our content creation services at

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Website design and management
You can talk about your art, music, business, or services ‘til baby Methuselah bites the dust, but you need to be able to send people somewhere solid to get more information, and share your awesomeness around their own networks.

We have a team of website designers, developers, and hosting organizations ready to build responsive and user-friendly websites.

We’ll build you a professional website to promote your art, music, coaching, photography, writing, custom platypus sweaters, or other entrepreneurial services to your target market.

Then we can continue to manage your website for you, or if you prefer, show you how it works and send you off on your own, riding into the big beautiful sunset of the interwebs (*sniff* They grow up so fast)

Totally up to you. Once your beautiful new cupcake of a website is created and launched, you can let us handle things, or we can show you how to easily update and create new content so you can manage things yourself.

If technology DOES make you break out in hives, we do provide monthly website management services, where we will manage your website operations, and publish new content and photos that you create or direct to us.

To make your life easy, we offer 2 options.

You can let us make you a simple (but very shiny) new customized website to get things up and running fast, or tweak and twitch every little detail to your heart’s content until it’s perfect.

You can learn more about our web design and development services at or contact us here.

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Graphic and Logo Design
Do you know what this means?
playboy logo

You betcha your $75 black lacy panties you do. That’s because this cute floppy-eared bouncing bunny is a kick-ass logo that’s drilled little memory rivulets deep into your brain.

You need to make sure that people know your brand, and remember who you are.

That’s why a powerful logo is essential to creating a strong online image. We will design you a logo, and send you both the source files for printing, and finalized high resolution version for you to use in the promotion of your new venture.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.28.18 PM

We also design and create flyers, posters, graphics, and other promotional designs ready for web or print.

Custom graphic project

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Social Media Promotion and Management
Give the people what they want! Which is really just the chance to talk about themselves, feel connected, and tell you what they think.

Keep your audience engaged by consistently publishing fresh, interactive and relevant content on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, StumbpleUpon or Pintrest.

It can be difficult to keep up with the constant flow of information on these social media pages, and easy to damage your reputation with one bad post, so at NYPL we offer social media promotion and management services to build your audience bigger, and keep them positively engaged in your work.

Get a quote for a custom package by contacting us now, or learn more about our social media management services at

Here’s What People Are Saying about NYPL Content and Digital Media Services:

Alison Marriage, Non-profit Business Director
Rachel, is a fantastic web designer and IT guru. Nothing is ever too much trouble and she is always keen to explore new ideas. Great work Rachel, keep it up.
Niamh Kane, Wellness Consultant
Rachel and the NYPL team have helped me create a lot of quality content for my online presence. Their skills are adaptable to many design and marketing platforms, which has saved me a lot of time and money. They have on many occasions injected new life into stagnant projects and is always prepared to be flexible with requirements. I would highly recommend working with Rachel and her team.
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