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Untitled5So you want to bathe elephants in a jungle river, barter with vendors at the market over hand-made trinkets, climb a trail alongside a deep canyon, and eat your way down an entire length of street-food carts.

Here’s your chance to take the whole ‘digital nomad’ thing for a test ride.

Travel the world with an experienced guide and get the “local” perspective on some of the most exciting and exotic destinations in the world. All the while, learning how you can use the skills you have RIGHT NOW to develop an income that will let you continue the adventure!

NYPL Tours give you the opportunity to experience the NYPL travel lifestyle from a local perspective, while learning from real-life “digital nomads” how to create a location-independent income so the fun never ends!

For those who don’t have much travel experience, no worries! We’ll hold your hand throughout the entire jam-packed trip. From the time you arrive at the airport, until the time you fly off home full of once-in-a-lifetime memories, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 6.10.05 PMNYPL tours focus on bringing you a different travel experience. Yes, we will eat, and party, and embark on all the fun tourist activities (there’s no shame – they’re awesome), but we’ll also show you the local life, intricate culture, and hidden gems.

Forget everything you think you know about typical group tours, at NYPL we’re embarking on intimate, small group adventures led by our NYPL team. We focus on living the local life, using local transportation and clean and comfortable budget accommodation. We’ll eat at local restaurants and street-food stalls, and have some incredible experiences that aren’t in the guide books. Best of all? We’ll grow and learn together working each member’s individual NYPL lifestyle plans!

Tour Prices: We’ve planned these tours to keep costs low. We charge you less, and give you more! NYPL tour prices include:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation within our destination country
  • Some meals
  • Scheduled group activities
  • Plenty of adventure
  • Guided tours and expertise
  • NYPL Lifestyle Design Workshops and Training Sessions

We believe in “local” travel. Which means we avoid expensive, touristy modes of transportation and accommodation. This keeps way more money in your pocket for fun activities, supports the local business, and will give you a WAY better travel experience than a mass-market touristy group trip.

So Check out NYPL Tours and learn how you can get super-duper discounts for sharing the adventure with your friends – or if you’re looking for an experience totally customized to your personal travel dates, desired experiences, and schedule – book a private tour!

Just contact us here and tells us about your dream adventure!

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