We’ve all got that 1 friend who considers themselves an expert on all elements of the universe an spouts random knowledge to answer any question you could possibly imagine.

It’s dangerous taking advice from these walking Wikipedias since they’re simply regurgitating information they’ve absorbed from other people or (most likely) the interwebz. Many times they don’t have any actual experience, and more importantly, they haven’t learned from making mistakes and developing the solid skills and knowledge required to accomplish big goals.

One of the best ways to get what you want is to learn from someone who has already successfully done what you want to do. People who have tried and failed (and failed and failed and failed), until they’ve grown enough to pull themselves out of the learning-sludge and get consistent positive results.

We get a lot of specific requests and messages about how to create an NYPL lifestyle and develop a remote income (aka: winning life), which is why we’ve launched the NYPL Coaching and Training Series!

“My mentor said, ‘Let’s go do it’, not ‘You go do it’. How powerful when someone says, ‘Let’s!'” — Jim Rohn, author and entrepreneur

Whether you’re just starting out and need help developing an idea to create a freedom lifestyle, or want to take your practice or entrepreneurial venture to the next level, let’s work together to build it big, and get you where you want to be.

We offer 2 levels of customised coaching and training:

1.) One-on-one personal training with NYPL founder, Rachel Mazza

One-on-one personal training with NYPL founder, Rachel Mazza

lifestyle coaching


This level of coaching and training is only for those people who are serious about developing and growing a real, remote income. This ‘aint my first rodeo. No fuddy duddies allowed.

I’ll work with you, one-on-one, to help build a step-by-step plan to creating your ideal lifestyle design.

Personal coaching includes:

  • Initial consultation to develop your customized coaching plan to fit your unique situation and goals
  • Personal coaching to discover what skills and abilities you already have that will help you develop a remote income
  • One-on-one training to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to design your ideal lifestyle
  • Lifestyle planning and budgeting to help you reach your next lifestyle design goal (travel long-term, buy a house, start a business, build a charity, whatever)
  • An accountability partner to help you stay focused and on track
  • Action Plan development where we’ll create a step-by-step plan to help you get to the next step in your business, craft or entrepreneurial venture

Get going with an initial 30-minute consultation where we’ll do a solid Q&A so that I can find out where you are, where you want to be, and how to get you there.

The consultation is only $50.

After your consultation, you’ll receive your customized coaching plan outline within a few days.

For those who want to take their lifestyle design to the next level and schedule their one-on-one training sessions with Rachel, the cost of the consultation will be deducted from their overall tuition plan.

Schedule your initial consultation and get your customized coaching plan here –  

Want to learn more or get a quote for your one-one-one training plan? Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for!

2.) NYPL Coaching Webinar Series

NYPL Coaching Webinar Series

Update: We’re currently putting our coaching webinar series temporarily “on hold” while we launch some awesome new projects! It’s pretty exciting if we do say so ourselves dagnabbit’ – You can keep updated on our next webinar series by entering your details below.

This is your chance to learn the skills that you need to start your lifestyle design along with a group of like-minded creators, artists, and entrepreneurs. Think of it as the breakfast club….but with less detention and more awesome.

NYPL Coaching Webinar Series’ are 4 weeks long, and cover the skills and knowledge used to build successful NYPL lifestyles, including:

• How to start developing a remote income with the skills you have right now
• How to work your way around the world
• How to take your business to the next level
• How to build a simple website to promote your business or venture
• How to outsource your work and your life so you can gain time freedom
• How to live and/or travel cheaply on less than $30 USD / day
• And more!

In this fast-paced, month-long Coaching Webinar Series, together we’ll explore many tested and proven techniques, philosophies ideas, and actions to help you develop your NYPL lifestyle and start living life your way! After all, it’s all about the lifestyle, right?

Join our next NYPL Coaching Webinar Series!

Developing A Remote Income From Scratch

What: Part of designing your perfect lifestyle is being able to work where and when you want, and with whom you choose to spend your time with. Developing a remote income will give you the freedom to pursue your passions. Whether it’s traveling the world, starting a non-profit initiative, or working from home, we’ll discuss how you can use the skills and knowledge you already have to start building a remote income from the bottom up.

• Week 1: Making Money With The Skills You Already Have
• Week 2: Get Yourself Out There
• Week 3: Landing Your First Gig
• Week 4: Making It Bigger, Better, Faster

When: We’re currently putting our coaching webinar series temporarily “on hold” while we launch some awesome new projects! It’s pretty exciting if we do say so ourselves dagnabbit’

If you would like to reserve your spot for the next coaching webinar series to make sure you don’t miss out, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as we bring it on back:






What do you want to learn most in our next coaching series?

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What do you want to learn in our next Coaching webinar Series?
Message us at and let us know so we can help you develop your perfect lifestyle design

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Michelle Dean, Nurse-Turned- Traveling Photographer
I have always wanted to travel the world, but wasn’t satisfied going “on vacation” only to return to a job I hated a few weeks later. I had been watching Rachel’s adventures around the globe for a while, and figured she must have a magic lamp or something to be able to travel to all these places and still make money! When I found out she offered personal coaching to design my own lifestyle, I knew I had to do it. Thanks to the NYPL Lifestyle Design Coaching, I’m now traveling through Southeast Asia, building a remote income, and learning more and more ways to make money online.
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