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We connect like-minded individuals and give them the tools they need to design their perfect lifestyle.

We know you just LOVE pretending to be fascinated by your boss’ new obsession with color-coded Google spreadsheets, but we figure maybe one day you might get bored and want to quit your job. So we offer resources and tools to help you get started, or move to the next level in your business or entrepreneurial venture.

Check out some of the goodies we’ve got for you:

  • Lifestyle Design Coaching and Consultation
  • Tools and Resources you need to design your perfect lifestyle
  • Digital Media and Content Creation and Management Services to get yourself out there and make an impact
  • NYPL Tours Around the World so You Can Experience the NYPL Lifestyle right now!

NYPL is about living life on your own terms by learning from some the most innovative entrepreneurs across the globe, who are breaking all the rules to build it big – their way. We like to call these cool cats – Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad:

An individual that leverages digital technology to perform work duties remotely and generally live their life nomadically.

Basically – dudes get to do what they want, when they want, and where they want.

Does this mean you have to go live in a mountain cave on a jungle island off the coast of Zimbabwe working 4 days a week on your life-changing super blog while spending the rest of your time seeking nature’s enlightenment?

No…. BUT…. You could if you wanted to!

That’s the point here.

Many people have been taught that ‘success’ is about going to school, building a career at a job with good benefits and clear path to retirement.

This is one way to do things, but these people will work most of their lives making someone else rich, and building someone else’s dreams. Forget that snarky malarkey!

At NYPL we think there’s a better way.

Some people believe in writing their own reality and aren’t going to wait until the last few decades of their life to start living.

Some people believe that if you work hard (at first) and work smart, you should keep getting paid – even after you stop working!

Some people might call this an alternative lifestyle, we call it lifestyle design!

You’ll notice that at NYPL we talk a lot about travel. That’s because we think beaches, fresh coconuts, and questionable street food is freakin’ awesome!

But travel doesn’t have to be your thang’ for you to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle! Maybe you want to start a charity, or become a painter, or build an internet marketing empire!

Whether you want to travel, spend more time with your family, build a business from home, or simply pursue your artistic passion, NYPL can help you get there.

Whatever you want to achieve – star developing a remote and recurring income by joining this group of lifelong students, and designing your ideal lifestyle.

So Who Started This Thing?
rachel profileNYPL was founded by entrepreneur and digital media specialist Rachel Mazza. Her passion for connecting close friends and fellow travel companions led her to help others learn how to design their ideal lifestyle and accomplish their goals.

Rachel’s NYPL lifestyle consists of traveling around the globe while working remotely on several entrepreneurial ventures. Through her work at NYPL and ability to work remotely, she continues to support a borderline addictive obsession with good wine shared with great friends while living a life of adventure, including:

  • Traveling to several continents
  • Singing onstage with world-renowned rockstars
  • Acting in Hollywood films
  • Training elephants in Thailand, and tigers in Miami
  • Exploring ancient cities and finding hidden gems in some of the most exciting countries in the world

Rachel is our chief blogger here at NYPL, an you can follow her travel adventures by reading her “Living the NYPL Lifestyle” posts on the NYPL Blog!

Why Should I Care?
Why would YOU want an NYPL lifestyle? Uhhhh, because it totally rocks!

  • It’s about – waking up when you’re done sleeping, not by the sound of an alarm clock.
  • It’s about – traveling to exotic destinations — and watching the amount in your bank account go UP while you’re doing it.
  • It’s about – earning passive income, building wealth, and knowing that you can retire whenever you want to — if — you want to.
  • It’s about – meeting positive, ambitious people who genuinely want to see you succeed.
  • It’s about – having time to pursue your passions and personal goals.
  • It’s about – becoming a massive success and bringing your friends along with you!

Not Your Parent’s Life is about breaking through the false assumption that a 9-5 “J-O-B” is the safest and best way to earn a living. There’s nothing wrong with this lifestyle of course, it’s just not for us. We prefer to design our own reality.

At NYPL, we want to help you become a MASSIVE success and build it big on your own terms! A lifestyle where you reap the direct results of your efforts.

We’re growing an army of positive, ambitious entrepreneurs and creators who want to make money and build wealth — then take it to the next level by helping others do the same.

So check us out and let us know what else you’d like to see!

Prove It.
What people are saying about NYPL:

NYPL Digital Media Services

Alison Marriage, Non-profit Business Director
Rachel, is a fantastic web designer and IT guru. Nothing is ever too much trouble and she is always keen to explore new ideas. Great work Rachel, keep it up.
Niamh Kane, Wellness Consultant
Rachel has helped me create a lot of quality content for my online presence. Her skills are adaptable to many design and marketing platforms, which has saved me a lot of time and money. She has on many occasions injected new life into stagnant projects and is always prepared to be flexible with requirements. I would highly recommend working with Rachel.

NYPL Lifestyle Design Coaching

Michelle Dean, Nurse-Turned-Photographer
I have always wanted to travel the world, but wasn’t satisfied going “on vacation” only to return to a job I hated a few weeks later. I had been watching Rachel’s adventures around the globe for a while, and figured she must have a magic lamp or something to be able to travel to all these places and still make money! When I found out she offered personal coaching to design my own lifestyle, I knew I had to do it. Thanks to the NYPL Lifestyle Design Coaching, I’m now traveling through Southeast Asia, building a remote income, and learning more and more ways to make money online.

NYPL Tours

Niamh Kane, Wellness Consultant
NYPL was my favourite thing in Thailand! Not only was it great to be connected with so many digital nomads in Chiang Mai when I first arrived, Rachel’s commitment to helping you flourish is genuine and a breath of fresh air. She has a talent for finding the most amazing places to eat, from 30 baht street food to all you can eat fresh, yummy BBQ’s. I’m a sugar-free, grain-free vegetarian so if she can accommodate me she can make it work for your diet too. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone jumping into the exciting world of working remotely in Thailand. Why not have this lady hold your hand a little and connect you with the right people while showing you the time of your life! I’m so happy I did!
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